Teach Your Child About Money

What are we teaching our children about money? Hopefully something!

I remember when I was growing up, our family did not discuss money. Money was a taboo subject, discussed by the parents and handled by the father.

This is one thing that I wish that was discussed more openly when I was younger. Just a little guidance such as “save 10% of your income” and I would have been fine!

How I wish I could turn back the clocks of time. How I wish I was encouraged to save even 1% of my income. When I look back at the year I started working until this year 2003, I’m not saying I would be a millionaire but I certainly would have been much better off!

Now a grown woman I have acknowledged and accepted the past and moved on to a great future. My bank account is increasing each year, I am currently purchasing rental properties and I am feeling incredible being and doing what I love-a Prosperity Coach!

Now I don’t necessarily encourage parents to show the kids your mortgage statements but I think it is vital that children know that (while the subject of money may be a tad embarrassing for some parents) it IS a necessary part of life. As you start teaching your child, start slow and encourage them to believe in themselves and their future.

Here are some tips to help your child attain prosperity even at a young age:

  1. Buy a piggy bank for your younger children. Allow them to choose whatever color shape or size they desire. Invite them to put their pennies into their piggy bank. Once in a while they may count their pennies and reward themselves if they desire.

  2. When your children have proved themselves to handling their pennies, take them to open their own bank accounts. Encourage them to save at least 10% of what they receive as gifts (I know I used to receive money as gifts when I was young!)

  3. Your child should be encouraged to donate or contribute another 10% of their savings. Donate to the church, to the homeless, to the depressed, or to a charity of their choice. This would help the youth become more rounded, become more respectful of others regardless of the situation and become more appreciative of their own lives and their own prosperity.

  4. Many young children think that “money grows on trees”. I applaud this abundance in them (although they may not know that the Universe is in fact limitless) and think we should encourage and nurture this to some extent!

  5. Talk to the kids and let them know that this paper and metal stuff called money is brought about by YOU working. Whether or not you work or you have inherited a large fortune, don’t encourage laziness in your child. They need to be able to work for free sometimes to learn the value of hard work.

  6. Money101 is not taught in schools. Where your child’s future is heading depends on what you want your child to know. Prepare your child for their future.

  7. When your child is old enough encourage your child to purchase a journal or a diary where they can record their dreams and desires. This allows them to dream big and look forward to their lives ahead-filled with prosperity.

  8. If they can manage and understand the budgeting process I’m all for it. When grandma gives them money for their birthday, after they have put aside 10% each for savings and for donation to a charity, allow them to budget for the remainder.

  9. I’m sure there are loads of chores around the house, washing the dishes, cleaning the rooms, etc. Give your children an allowance but let them work for it.

  10. Let the kids participate in the family’s money decisions. They may not understand everything but their minds will open up to the energy that money has and will prepare them for their lives ahead.

The kids are our future. I know it may sound a little clinch but the fact is they are. If you truly interested in your child’s future prepare them and trust that the process will work and they will be A-okay! I guarantee it!

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Saving Money By Spending Wisely

Why is it that the older and richer people become, the more conservative they are with their money? Have you ever done or know someone who has made an investment that promised a 10% interest or profit per month? Everyone wants to make above average profits. It is amazing how many people will send their very hard earned money across the world to Nigeria or to Boca Rattan, Florida on the promise of a telephone acquaintance to make them much richer. People give their money to complete strangers in hopes of making more money.

All good investment advisers will tell their clients, If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is. Professionals only make very high returns in areas they personally know very well. This, for them, is a business investment, not a passive investment like stocks, bonds or mutual funds. Real estate and business investments are considered active investments. People who are employed by others do not usually make active investments, because they just do not have the time to watch a business investment, where big profits are always possible (as well as big losses.)

People with small amounts of money come to me all the time and ask: What can I do with $1,000 that will give me a big return?. Here is the answer. When I was a 21-year-old lad working for my father, I had money in the bank, I owed securities (stocks) and my income was a fixed salary. I saw many opportunities to make money all around me, in the business. My father, like so many employers, wasn’t interested. Besides I was trying to figure out how I could make money for me.

At the time, 1971, we had high inflation and prices were going up on many things. My father used metal rings to seal containers, nuts and bolts, paint, and other industrial supplies. I watched prices starting to go up and it appeared that they might even double on finished products that were made from steel. Since the company used these products all the time, buying bigger orders meant buying much more then you needed and having to store it so it didn’t get stolen. I used to buy 2 years supply of bolts at a time. Knowing the price was going up, I bought a 4-year supply. Rings took a lot of space so we would buy 3 months at a time. The problem with new rings, being bought and laying around, in storage, was that the workers, taking the easy way out, would take new rings out of the warehouse, instead of cleaning the old rings, which saved the company a lot of money.

My father didn’t want to have a years worth of rings around, even though we both knew the price was going to continue going up. We came up with an idea. I would buy, with my own money, the extra inventory, the amount above the companies normal order size. My investment inventory would be stored in a separate locked area in the warehouse. When the company needed more rings or bolts, it would buy them from me at the then current market price. I made $1,500 on my $5,000 investment in just six months. That was a 30%, no risk profit in just half a year. Now I was hot.

When I got married, and I used more toilet paper and toothpaste than I did before, I decided that I should repeat the process that I learned as a boy. When I was a boy toilet paper was 10 cents a role. If you do not know what it is now, take a look. I bought 5 cases of toilet paper and put it in the garage. I knew that paper prices were going up. I not only got the increase in price, I got close out quantity discounts by the case. Do you know that dog and cat food by the case is 10% off? Then if you wait for when Friskies has a sale or close out, then buy large cases; you cannot believe what you will save. If you can get a distributor or wholesaler to sell direct to you, another 20-33% is possible. You might check the price at Costco. It may be cheaper than what the wholesaler will sell it to you for.

You only buy items that you know you will use yourself, personally. You are not buying for resale. You are buying a two-year supply of things you know you will use, for sure. Toilet paper is one of them. (Make sure you try the brand out, to see that you will like it.) Smart and Final has many things in bulk. Compare prices at Costco, Smart and Final, the 99-cent store, and if you can find the distributor that the 99-cent store buys from in Downtown LA, you will really be buying cheap.

First step. Make a list of everything you buy on a regular bases. List non-food items, bathroom items and dry or canned food items. Do not buy food the rats can get into. Grains must be in steel drum with bags. You will be shocked at how much 20 lbs of rice will cost you compared to a one pound bag, about a quarter of the cost or less. Do not buy clothing, because of change of styles and weight. You can buy men’s socks and underclothing when you see a real close out at 80% off. Men wear the same style all their lives and their weight tends to be constant. Do not do this for children or woman. Things change too fast.

Second step. Price shop so you will know what are the good prices and bad prices. Do not buy yet, just price shop.

Third Step. Decide how much inventory you want to have, how much money do you have to spend and how long it will take you to use it all up. Where are you going to put it so that it will be safe and dry? Not a public storage place, please. The rent will eat up your volume buying profits, real fast.

Fourth Step. Look for close outs so you can buy cheaper than the best price you planned on and then have fun buying.

Hidden Bonus: There are also non-profit advantages to this program that you should be aware of. In case of an economic depression you have food. That means if you loose your job, you still eat. Your unemployment check can then go towards the rent, gas in the car, car payments, and fresh food. You will already have most of the toilet items and other things you will need, until you get a job.

In case of a natural disaster or a teamster strike you will have your well-stocked private supermarket with those needed items. The IRS closed down Howard Ruff, a newsletter writer in the 1970′s. They attached all of his bank accounts, and locked the front door of his store. Howard had 12 children, no income and no money in his pocket. He did have big food storage, which fed his family while he took a month to decide what his next move was going to be. He was able to think his problem out without panicking because his family was fed, and he could postpone his mortgage, utilities and other bills for a few months, before he had big troubles.

So be smart. Invest in a food storage program. Only buy what you will use, and do use. Buy in quantities that you will use up in 2 years. Do not buy a 5-year supply of anything. Shop for the best price, and then wait for a better deal than that. Then you have made a safe and profitable investment, while at the same protecting your family from emergencies.

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A Dangerous Environment

The internet is a dangerous place for your children. Don’t even begin to believe that your child is safe. There are more dangers than you can possibly imagine waiting to lure children to their doom. You had better be aware of what’s happening and take steps to shield them from the danger … if you don’t, your child’s sanity and safety are at serious risk.

Does this sound alarmist? Actually, I cannot stress this fact enough … you have to be just as careful with your five year old on the internet as you would in the worst red-light district back alley in the darkest part of town. If you would not allow your twelve year old wander around a drug den or visit the sex shops in San Francisco, then why on Earth are you letting him or her loose on the internet without supervision?

Let’s look at some of the dangers that exist on the internet. The most obvious issue is pornography. There are dirty pictures, video, sounds, movies and anything else you can imagine available everywhere on the web. In fact, it’s often difficult to surf without running into a pornographic site occasionally. Just type “whitehouse.com”, expecting to get a page about the white house and you’ll see that you get a pornographic site.

Oh, and it’s not just your run of the mill pornography, no, there is much worse stuff available to anyone who cares to look. Your child can find pictures which will curl your toes at the sheer perversity of the images. While intelligent people can debate whether or not any of this material should be available, even to adults, at all, no one with any conscience and trace of goodness can say it is okay for children to have access to this stuff.

Not only is pornography a danger, but the cyber world is full of other horrible things (just like the real world). Without much work, your child can easily surf to sites which espouse hatred, nazi values, and page after page of extremely graphic, real violence. I even know of some parents who were horrified to find that what they thought were harmless Anime (a style of Japanese cartons) sites that turned out to be hard core, extremely graphic animated sex galleries.

Of course, I’m sure you’ve all heard of the dangers of unsupervised chat rooms. I have heard that older men hang out in them, waiting for trusting, innocent children. They start up conversations, and before long your child might attempt to travel to meet a nice man – and never come back.

You’ve got other, more subtle, dangers as well. Your child might surf the internet and find some cool site which asks for personal information. Not knowing any better, he or she might enter your social security number, address, phone number or even your credit card numbers. This could actually put not just your child but your entire family in danger.

I could go on and on about the dangers, but what do you do about it? Is there anything that you can possibly do, short of unplugging the stupid computer, to protect your children?

The first, and most important, thing that you should do is talk to your children. Believe it or not, children are intelligent beings, and they will understand if you use words and concepts that they can comprehend. Explain the dangers, being patient and caring and understanding. It may take a few tries, but they are capable of learning, understanding and obeying. Just be sure you do not portray the dangers as something in any way desirable, and don’t forbid them to explore, just explain what’s going on.

The second, and equally important, thing to remember is that even if your children do understand and comprehend what you tell them – you should still protect them. Do not let them surf the internet unsupervised if you can help it. Watch them on the web and be sure you know where they are going.

Every once in a while, check over the computer that your child has been using to see what they’ve been doing. Look at the cookies, the browser history and at images and such stored on the hard drive. I know it sounds like spying, but it’s important to know what they are up to before they get into trouble. And oh yes, if you find something, just wait for an opportunity to “discover” what they are doing without giving away that you are looking over their shoulder. Then use this as a means of getting into a discussion with them. You should also take maximum advantage of any and all parental controls that are available to you. Use a product such as NetNanny or Cyber Babysitter to control your child’s surfing habits. Set the parental controls of your browser and the major search engines (most of them have a way to filter out adult content).

Does this sound extreme? Any psychiatrist will tell you it is. They will tell you should allow your children to explore at will, along with lots of other, similar garbage. But would you trust your children to the people who funded Adolf Hitler, who give drugs to your children in school and who claim that hardened criminals are really just misunderstood and unloved. (That’s a subject for a future article perhaps – how we can improve our civilization and bring peace to the world by lining all of the psychiatrist’s up on the nearest wall).

Anyway, digressions aside, the responsible thing to do is to ensure that your children are safe, just like you would if they were wandering around in the mall or in the red light district of a big city. If you don’t, you may find yourself taking up a new hobby – looking at milk cartons.

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Preparing For the Holidays

Some of my clients dread the holiday season because it often represents stress, pressure, expectations, guilt, disappointment, pain, loneliness, exhaustion… and the list goes on.

This is a choice. We choose who we spend time with. We choose what activities we say yes and no to. We choose where we go. Your holiday season can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose to make it, and it can be a lot of fun if you plan accordingly.

Take some time this week to think about what’s most important to you this season, and then do a little planning. Here are some suggestions to help.

==> Create a list of holiday rituals that are important to you.

Seek your family’s input on holiday decisions. Ask family members what they liked and disliked about last year’s holidays. Write down the most important elements and activities you wish to include this year, and plan to make it happen.

Keeping time-consuming and irrelevant traditions or rituals “just because we’ve always done it that way” can increase stress. Keep only those traditions that have meaning to you, or create some new ones.

Give yourself permission to be in the moment and enjoy the smells, sounds, feel, and tastes that are unique to this season of the year.

==> Make a list of those you want to spend time with during the holidays.

Who nourishes you? Who are the family members, friends, and colleagues you enjoy being with?

Do you want to do any entertaining? If so, when and with whom? Plan ahead and ask for help if you want it. True friends and loved ones will not care how many hours you slaved over the stove. Spending time with you is what they’ll cherish most. You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to throw a great party!

Are you invited to holiday parties that you really don’t want to go to, but you’ve gone in the past because you should? Be at choice — don’t play the victim! This is not about whom you should see, but rather whom you choose to spend time with.

==> Mail your greeting cards, holiday letters, and packages early.

Some time-saving tips:

Write a short holiday letter that covers the highlights; copy it on holiday paper and add a note at the end to personalize it. Make a collage of pictures to photocopy on the back side of the letter.

If you have your addresses on a computerized database, consider printing out your mailing list on clear address labels. Years ago, an old college friend commented that she thought it was tacky to use address labels on holiday cards and letters. I told her that my choice was to either use labels or not mail our annual holiday letter to the 250 people on our list. Now that she has a young family, I’ve noticed she has started using address labels, too!

E-mail a holiday letter to those with whom you correspond electronically. You can easily personalize this for each recipient. Attach color photos highlighting the past year. Another alternative is to create a holiday web page, and include the link to it in a personalized e-mail message.

Mail packages early to avoid longer lines at the post office and ensure they will arrive in time. Or, better yet, sign up with Stamps.com and avoid the lines altogether. You can mail large packages without standing in any lines — as long as you have an accurate way to weigh them before you purchase postage online.

==> Thoughtfully plan your gift-giving.

Give from the heart… not out of obligation. Decide whom you choose to give to and make a list. This will help you avoid overspending through impulse buying.

If you think back to the most cherished gifts you have received, they are often homemade or from the heart. A gift of time — such as a gift certificate redeemable for an activity you can do together — can be very meaningful. Among the most prized gifts I’ve ever received have been homemade cards with a heartfelt note written inside. Value goes far beyond the cost of the gift.

A great resource for homemade gift ideas is a book called The Perfect Mix. It contains creative edible gift ideas, including wrapping suggestions and tag instructions, along with a source guide for supplies. The book offers more than 90 recipes for soups, breads, muffins, cookies, and other gifts. The gifts I’ve created from this book have been very well received and appreciated.

Instead of exchanging gifts with friends, consider having a holiday or post-holiday party with them.

Avoid parking hassles, gridlock traffic around the malls, and long lines at the register by shopping online and through catalogs. A number of retail stores now offer merchandise online, as well. If you are purchasing a gift that needs to be mailed, you can arrange to have it sent directly to the recipient, thus avoiding the extra steps of wrapping, labeling, and mailing the gift.

Spread out your purchase of gifts over the weeks of November and early December. It’s easier on the budget, and less stressful than waiting until the last minute.

Wrapping gifts can take a lot of time. Instead of wrapping all of them, use a gift bag with a nice bow tied at the top, or use a decorated gift box.

Consider giving an alternative gift to a friend or loved one by giving to a charity in their name. One of my favorite charities is Heifer Project International. Through living gifts of animals, HPI is helping families worldwide to become self-reliant. You can buy an animal that can change the life of a hungry family and at the same time honor family and friends.

==> Spread the holiday cheer with those in need.

Volunteer to serve a holiday meal to the homeless, work in a soup kitchen, or work at a food bank.

Adopt a family for the holidays and provide them with gifts or holiday foods. Many churches and non-profit organizations can match you with a needy family.

Look for a Giving Tree in your local retail stores. The tree is filled with cards that list a specific gift desired by someone in need. You select a card off the tree, purchase the suggested gift listed on the card, and return the gift to the tree with the card attached. The store wraps the gift and delivers it to the intended recipient.

The end of the tax year is a great time to review your budget and consider a year-end gift to your favorite charities. This can represent a significant tax deduction if you itemize, while doing great things locally and globally.

==> Use your calendar.

Now that you’re clear about your intentions, calendar them in. Writing them down for follow-up on a specific date will help you to remember to do it and will keep things from falling to the last minute. Here is a list of activities you can pencil in on your calendar:

  • Schedule family meeting to discuss plans and intentions for the holiday season

  • Make airline, hotel, and rental car arrangements (if traveling out of town for the holidays)– ASAP!

  • Holiday decorating (indoor, outdoor, office, etc.)

  • Finalize holiday entertainment plan and guest list

  • Mail invitations or call to invite others to events you have planned

  • Meal planning and preparation (can some cooking be done ahead of time and frozen?)

  • Prepare gift list

  • Holiday gift making/holiday baking

  • Gift selection & purchase

  • Gift wrapping

  • Prepare mailing list or database for holiday cards/letters/e-mails

  • Prepare holiday cards, letters, e-mails, Website

  • Mail cards, letters, packages

  • Gather information about volunteer opportunities and calendar in activities you choose to do

  • Finalize charitable giving plan for 2000

Happy holiday organizing!

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Empowerment Changes Your Life Forever

Perhaps you are asking, “What is personal empowerment?”

Put in simplistic terms, empowerment is freeing yourself from limitations or living a life of misery and taking full responsibility for every thing that is in your life. It’s about quitting making excuses for things that aren’t going right in your life and DOING something about changing them! It’s about choices; the choices that you make on a daily basis regarding all aspects of your life. It’s about being in control of what you allow in your life; who you associate with, what you read, what you watch on television and at the movies, who your mentors are, what music you listen to, what you eat, etc. Why are these choices so important to empowerment … you literally ARE your choices.

A general definition: empowerment is a process that helps people gain control over their own lives.

Therefore, empowerment is about learning there are choices, in which you have the right to be the healthiest and happiest person you can be in this now. The past is the past and it cannot be changed, therefore the focus is placed upon what you can do in this very moment. What choices you can make to empower yourself NOW. As you exercise your choices and take responsibility and action, you will gain increased control over your life. I had a million excuses for everything crummy in my life. I even blamed my addictions to cigarettes, drugs and alcohol on other people. I blamed everyone for everything because that enabled me to justify in my own mind that it was ok. I was slowly killing myself to avoid having to face my problems, the exact problems that I was creating by the choices that I was making. It’s a vicious cycle, but empowerment can change it!

Let’s take a look at a list of empowerment key words:

• Self-Mastery

• Personal Development

• Positive Thinking

• Mind Power

• Self Improvement

• Spiritual Growth

• Enlightenment

• Responsibility

• Law of Attraction

• Self-Power

• Self-Acceptance

• Self-Reliance

• Self-Esteem

• Self-Discovery

• Self-Strength

• Self-Love

• Self-Confidence

• Self-Control

• Own Choice

• Independence

• Own Decision Making

• Being Free

• Awakening

• Capability

• Choices

• Power Into Action

This is a small list but as you can see it’s a list that outlines qualities that cannot be found outside of ourself because empowerment comes from within. I was looking outside of myself. That is where I went wrong and were millions of others are going wrong too. When we activate this power within ourselves we have the strength and courage to make choices and act on issues that we define as important. These issues can relate to any and all areas of our life – relationship, financial, personal, spiritual and physical. It’s very important to understand that empowerment is a multi-dimensional process which includes all levels of our being: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual and each of these areas must be brought into balance.

The empowerment process may be facilitated and supported through outside sources such as utilizing the assistance of a person specializing in life coaching, learning energy healing and mind techniques, attending self-help groups and seminars, home study programs, reading books, etc. It is very important that these programs teach you and give you the skills on how to do these things independently for yourself after the program has been completed. You are looking for independence not co-dependency within the system because empowerment is a process that develops as we work through it. It is impossible to dabble in empowerment expecting life changing results. It must become a path, journey, life style or way of life for complete liberation of all pain and suffering.

I have a “rags to riches” true life story. I learnt how to overcome poverty, addictions and abuse to create the life that I once thought was completely impossible for me to have. I have beaten the odds because I dared to believe and listen ONLY TO MYSELF, which IS the power within! Guess what I have accomplished since I learnt the secret of self-mastery and empowerment? I’m now a successful entrepreneur, a published writer, an international life coach, energy healer and empowerment specialist. Not too bad for a once was “high-school dropout, sexually and physically abused, druggie, alcoholic, welfare case” huh? That’s what empowerment is! It’s about making choices that improve the quality of your life.

With empowerment comes wisdom and by wisdom I do not mean knowledge of facts so much as the ability to perceive and understand facts, and to judge soundly and act right in all matters relating to life. Wisdom is the power to perceive truth, and the ability to make the best use of the knowledge of truth.

With wisdom comes poise, and the power to think right, to control and guide your thoughts, and to avoid the difficulties which come from wrong thinking. With wisdom you will be able to select the right courses for your particular needs, and to guide yourself in all ways as to secure the best results.

The beauty of empowerment is the ripple effect. Through personal empowerment you have the potential through leading by example to teach those around you to empower themselves as well! You not only manage to change yourself but also contribute to changing the lives of your children, family and friends. You have the ability to break the chain of poverty, addictions, abuse and suffering within your own family. You are able to show them that where you once were powerless you were able to gain full control over your life improving your situation by taking full responsibility and action over your own mastery. This will show them that it can be done, because YOU did it! You lead by example and your children are only learning and repeating what you teach them. Lead them into empowerment.

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The Incredible Power of Speeches

Speeches have incredible power, and this can be seen from numerous events that have occurred in the past.

Recently we have seen the election of the first “black” president in the USA, Barack Obama. Surely he was elected for his integrity and vision, along with a host of other good qualities and promises made to the country he now leads. But what piled up his votes the most were his awesome, thought-provoking and well-delivered speeches, broadcast on international news and giving the world a sneak peak into his mind.

Indeed this is one of the many powers of great speeches; they give us a brief look into the thoughts, or way of thinking, of the person delivering the speech. Perhaps the most famous of all is the “I have a Dream” speech by Martin Luther King. One of the reasons for its lasting impression is that it not only gave the world a look into the thoughts of one man, but it showed everyone what was in the hearts of many people, except that he was able to verbalize and conceptualize those feelings and effectively communicates them.

Speeches have always held the incredible power to sway the minds of the masses. In George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”, it is the pigs’ regular speeches which grant them the power they have over the rather ignorant farm animals. We hope that our leaders do not play upon our ignorance, but it is in this way that speeches will continue to hold this incredible power to sway the thoughts of many with simple words.

Given the power of speeches, it is in everyone’s best interest to develop their public speaking skills and learn the top communication tips. While the examples in this article have reflected in the impact of speeches on a very high level, the same impact can be achieved at any speaking occasion—regardless of its pomp and circumstance. Thus, for your next business meeting, school presentation, or holiday dinner, be prepared and use your words effectively to fully take advantage of the opportunity.

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To Boost Your Body’s Ability To Detoxify

Are you feeling sluggish and drained, or on top of the world? Our body has lost its ability to rejuvenate and revitalize itself with its natural life force energy due to the stressful lifestyle. Hence you should rectify your Body Ecology! Nourish the adrenals and the thyroid which are the two very vital glands in your body that define energy levels.

Sleep Early

“Early to bed and early to rise” is still true for our health. Our liver functions the best between 10 pm and 1 am. These are to allow your body to rest, be rejuvenated and regenerated to deal with a natural detox process.

Eat Natural Foods

Canned foods are unhealthy because they are processed using mono-sodium-gluconate. The chemicals in processed foods destroy body minerals.Our digestive systems over-work itself in order to digest the processed foods and this gives extra burden to our organs. On the other hand, Natural fresh and cooked foods contribute the nutrients the body needs and help to detox.

Avoid Caffeine

Drinking caffeine will dehydrate the body and intoxicate the blood with more acids and toxins rather than energy. Try some other vitality or energy drink instead of a caffeine drink to help energize the body and recover its ability to detox.

Avoid Smoking

Nicotine from cigarettes enters your blood stream and fills your lungs and makes respiration difficult, thus reducing the oxygen-intake and preventing circulation of oxygenated blood through the body. Clean, unpolluted air is essential for oxygenated blood to be circulated to help energize it.

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

It’s a myth that sugar can boost your energy. Breaking down of sugar to produce energy becomes a difficult and lengthy process. No-calorie sugar replacements and foods containing natural sugars as in fruits should be consumed instead to revitalize and give the body the natural energy it needs to detox.

Consuming Fermented Drinks and Foods

Fresh or packaged coconut drinks contain a lot of minerals and nutrients to help the digestive system process the foods we eat. Thus we get sufficient nutrients and vitamins in the body which in turn helps it recover its ability to detox.

Organic Foods

Foods grown organically are becoming more popular as they contain all the necessary minerals and nutrients. Food should not be overcooked or burnt as it loses its nutrients and minerals and does not help the body to re-energize. As far as possible the more raw or uncooked the food, the better digested and more strength and energy we get out of them.

Drinking More Than Sufficient Water

Lack of sufficient water in the body causes dehydration and fatigue and natural inability to detox. Having 2 glasses of water every morning help to keep the cellular function of the body active. This helps to flush out the toxins from the body, reduce fatigue and dehydration levels. Drink a large glass of water a half hour before lunch and dinner. This primes the intestines into digesting the food you eat. Water helps recover the body’s ability to naturally detoxify and cleanse itself.

Respect Your Body

With the right foods, plenty of water, exercise and corrective lifestyle, the body will detoxify in a natural way. You could also include colon cleansing either through naturopathy or do-it-yourself program. Detoxification process tends to tire one. But with rest you will feel better, and the body can recover its ability to detox. The most important thing is to rectify the lifestyle that is prevalent today.

Control Your Animal Protein Intake

Digestion takes a long time for animal proteins and the body burns a lot of energy in order to digest these foods. Thus it takes a long time to digest these animal proteins. They should be accompanied by sufficient greens and salads to help digest them faster.

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Adapting To A Future World

After a plant has grown to maturity it will aim to produce an abundance of seed in order to create a new generation of plants. Annual plants complete this process then die within a year, biennials require 2 years to complete their life cycle and perennials can survive for many years.

Not only do seeds perpetuate the species into the future, more importantly they create a variety of individual seedlings. Some of these individuals will be more successful at surviving changes in the environment and as a result the species is able to adapt to new environments.

Plants grown from cuttings are essentially clones of a parent plant. This is a very useful feature when plants are grown as crops, but a serious weakness in the wild. The reduced ability of clones to adapt to changes in the environment increases their chances of becoming extinct. Hence in nature seed production is vital to the survival of flowering plants.

Over long periods of time seeds that are the result of sexual reproduction will allow for the evolution of new forms of plants and eventually new species. This process is happening at the moment throughout the world. This allows the plant world to replace the species that could not adapt to climatic and environmental changes leading to their extinction. Many plant species are close to extinction for natural as well as man made reasons and these are classified as endangered.

Practical use of seed production can be made on the hobby farm. Apart from growing crops the farmer can also be a hobby plant breeder. I plan to do this with olives. Each year I plan to grow a large number of seedlings and select some according to their foliage. Eventually I may find a seedling that will have the type of foliage I am looking for and this plant can be developed into a new ornamental olive variety. The same principle can be used when developing new olive fruits, but the process will take much longer as there is a need to wait until the seedlings produce a crop.

Another interesting area of seedling production is in the production of plant hybrids. These can be produced when two closely related species are cross-pollinated. This may result in a new plant with features of both parents. An example of a hybrid is the plum-cot. This was produced when an apricot and plum were crossed. This process also takes a long time in order to assess the features of the hybrids, but this is an important activity carried out by plant breeders in research centers. I have always wanted to cross a cherry and a plum in order to come up with a cherry- plum hybrid that is easier to grow in Melbourne then the current cherry varieties.

Maybe you can be the proud breeder of a new mouth watering fruit or vegetable and possibly make some money from royalties. Make up your plan, be patient and persistent, set your imagination alight!

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A Wise Investment for Small Business

Small businesses are always looking for ways to increase their competitiveness by cutting costs, improving their value proposition and requiring their staff to work more efficiently.

Today, in the telecommunications industry, a new technology called VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol (Internet-based phone service) has emerged and is making all of the above and more, possible for SMBs (small and medium-size businesses). VoIP technology compresses voice (audio) data into packets that can be transmitted over data networks and the public Internet, and converted back into voice at the receiving end. This is the basis for some of the significant cost savings as voice now becomes just another form of data, allowing for integration with web based applications and the development of new features that would be impossible using traditional networks.

SMBs Demand Higher Functionality at a Lower Cost

Traditional telephone networks were designed solely to carry low-fidelity audio signals with a high level of reliability. Although these networks are very reliable for voice communication, they are not well suited to service today’s explosive growth of digital communication applications, because they: are expensive to build; must have the capacity from day one to address potential growth, increasing initial costs and creating an underutilized investment; transmit data at very low rates and resolutions, making them poorly suited for delivering high-fidelity audio, entertainment-quality video, or other rich multimedia content; use dedicated circuits for each call, which allot fixed bandwidth throughout the call’s duration, whether or not voice is actually being transmitted; cannot be leveraged to provide new or differentiated services or functions, such as video communication, that the network was not originally designed to accommodate.

Advantages of VoIP Technology

VoIP uses packet-switched networks to carry non-real-time data using much less bandwidth. The advantages of such networks are flexibility, efficiency, and scalability. Flexibility: networks can be built in a variety of configurations to suit the number of users, client/server application requirements, and desired bandwidth availability. Efficiency: bandwidth is consumed only when needed; service providers can converge their traditionally separate voice and data networks, and carry voice, video, fax, and data traffic over the same network; many terminals can share the same connection to the network and as a result, significantly more traffic can be transmitted over a packet-switched network than over a circuit-switched telephony network. Scalability: Extensions can be easily added to the network as growth demands.

These advantages help create cost savings that can be passed on to consumers in the form of lower telephone bills. Around the world, more than 25 million SMBs could realize significant benefits by employing VoIP as their phone service.

A Hosted PBX

A Hosted IP PBX system is built using a VoIP infrastructure specifically for small business. This system offers many advantages to SMBs compared to traditional telcom offerings. Businesses that opt for non-hosted VoIP phone systems, must first invest in a scalable and very expensive platform; as well as devote resources to set up, configure, and maintain them — a significant overhead cost.

In a hosted PBX service, configuration and maintenance are handled by the service provider and included in the monthly service price. In any price comparison, an SMB must look at all these costs and consider the entire total cost of ownership associated with on on-premise based system versus a hosted solution.

In a hosted IP PBX environment, a subscriber uses their broadband IP network for a small business phone system as well as data service. Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) for VoIP service requires only IP phones, or analog-to-digital converters for analog phones. This dramatically reduces start-up costs. Typically, all applications are also hosted, eliminating multiple vendors and points of contact.

Hosted PBXs Reduce Costs from 50 to 90 Percent

With traditional business phone systems, each company must pay for expensive equipment, phones, applications, installation, and maintenance, as well as bring in trunk lines. On top of this, a business will need to add in expensive monthly fees for local and long distance calling, a maintenance contract and annual upgrade costs.

Payback periods for a PBX phone system may never occur, preventing smaller companies from considering a traditional business phone system and forcing them to rely on basic, multi-line service and phones, which can be really expensive. Even after the upfront and quite substantial investment, customers could hear a busy signal if traffic exceeds the number of available lines.

For small businesses, the only alternative has been to use regular, basic phone service, which requires that all users must be in the same physical location, have a limited features and pay a large up front cost. Hosted PBX services nearly eliminate the upfront investment and cover the local and long distance calling costs for a low monthly fee, and include all the features.

For a monthly subscription fee, a business enjoys unlimited long distance and local calls in the U.S. and Canada, and can use all the advanced applications including auto-attendant, ring groups, and extensions. These features would cost much more if provided with traditional solutions. Also, since each user can have two non-blocking lines, up to 20 calls can be handled by a single extension, reducing busy signals and customer abandon rates.

Hosted PBX Features

Most hosted PBX include unlimited calling to the US and Canada; E911 emergency calling; a business class telephone with one-touch controls, DND, park, conference and much more; auto attendant that will route your calls to the appropriate extensions; full featured conference bridge and much more!

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Guide To Perfect Health

Being healthy does not necessarily mean you have to spend hours a day in the gym and plan out each days meals to the last grain of rice on your plate. Obtaining a healthy body could be fun and hassle-free. In fact that is exactly the way it should be.

It is important to note that being healthy does not only consist of looking good on the outside. You can have a great body and still be on the brink of a heart attack. In order to be truly healthy three criteria need to be covered: mind, body and spirit.

This article only covers the “body” section of this important triad.

The Body:

Ever have a resolution to start building a body everyone on the beach will stare at with wonderous awe only to lose that initial drive and will power within a week or two? You most certainly must have otherwise you probably would not be reading this lazy guide right now!

Why does that initial will to succeed in building a great body dissipate just as suddenly as it began? The answer is simply this: Eventhough exercise makes you feel good and all those feel-good endorphins are released while you are working out, the body just was not designed to undergo extended periods of day in and day out torture.

A diet that does not support your new found will for hitting the gym is also a major contributor to you feeling listless and depleted after a couple of days.

So now I have told you everything you should not to and I have not been very helpful towards reaching your goals, have I!

Here, listed for your convenience, are the steps you could follow to create a new, good looking and energetic you:

1) There is a saying about what you eat walks today walks around tomorrow. This is one of those simple truths that everyone seems to overlook. This does not mean sticking to a strict diet that is so time consuming you do not even have time to enjoy your new found self. Here is the best part – You do not even have to give up meat to achieve this.

Here is what you do: Make your hands into fists and put them together. This is how much you can eat in a single meal without overdoing it. Half of your meal (about one fists worth) should be protein – Steak, mince, fish, chicken or basically any other type of meat or protein source you like. The other half of your meal should include healthy carbohydrates otherwise you will feel depleted after a day or two. This includes rice or potatoes or something along those lines. Remember it is not healthy anymore when it is fried in oil, so make sure you bake that potato!

Ideally you should get yourself a steam cooker as this is the healthiest, easiest way to cook a meal. You simply add your meat and potato and some spices, steam for 20 – 30 minutes and enjoy a great tasting, healthy meal.

2) Do not exceed the above described quantity per meal as this is the amount your body can successfully process in about two hours time. If you are hungry within 2 – 3 hours of having your last meal it is time to congratulate yourself, because this means that metabolism of yours has just been kick-started and is working at 110%. Award yourself by eating another meal as described above.

I am kidding, right? How can you keep eating but keep losing unwanted weight. This is probably the most mind-boggling trick bodybuilders use to build massive bodies full of muscle yet have percentages of body-fat well below 10%.

If you keep eating this way you can eat 5 – 8 meals a day while still shedding fat. That means never going hungry again to lose weight and no more crash diets. Crash dieting actually tells your body there is a food scarcity and it should therefore preserve all fat for the future. That is why you lose 10 pounds on a crash diet and then gain 15 when you start eating again, and lets face it – you have to start eating again sometime. This also explains why you can lose weight while eating 5 – 8 healthy meals per day.

3) If you are a working person preparing healthy meals each day can be real difficult. This does not mean you can not still get your dream body. Visit your nearest nutritional store and ask for a meal replacement shake. Explain your lifestyle to the knowledgeable person assisting you and they will give you the perfect meal replacement shake for your specific needs. These shakes are probably one of the greatest inventions for a healthy body ever created – They can be made with water, taste like milkshakes and contain all the vitamins and minerals your body needs from a meal and do not contain any unhealthy fats. Imagine that – you get to drink a milkshake that makes you lose weight.

Do however not totally replace solid foods in your diet however convenient this may be, because your digestive system needs some solid stuff to process from time to time.

4) Get yourself a multivitamin. These contain all the vitamins your body needs and usually comes in a tablet form. You take one in the morning and presto – Your body will be working at maximum efficiency to get rid of toxins so you should soon have so much energy you will feel and probably look 10 years younger. You will also get sick less often.

5) Do some cardio. You have to get your heart going once in a while. This will help for better blood circulation and stop you from getting a heart attack.

Cardio does not need to involve hours of jogging until you puke, you just need to know when to do it.

As soon as you get up in the morning, drink a glass of water only and go for a walk around the block. Enjoy the scenery while your body burns the pounds away. You do not have any food in your stomach at this time so your body is burning pure fat for energy. All this amounts to just 10 minutes of effort two or three days each week. If you do not like walking outside you may want to consider buying a treadmill. If you are on a tight budget, just get a platform about 15 inches high and do step-ups in front of the television. If you have a partner in health you can take up a hobby like golf or squash.

6) Do weight training on occasion. Contrary to popular belief you will not look in a week ladies (Looking like that takes years of careful planning, dieting, exercising and a lot of dedication!).

Weight training is a great way of getting a lean, tight body by isolating and burning off the fat in specific targeted areas.

7) Make sure you drink lots of water. Water is natures little magic potion. When taken into consideration that our bodies are made up mostly of water, it makes sense to say that lots of fresh water needs to be taken in for our bodies to stay healthy and function at an optimum level of efficiency.

These are just some of the steps you can take to a healthier, happier life.

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